Men’s evening wear and formal suits

The Dress Code

The way you should dress for an occasion is often mentioned in the invitation, and it is polite to respect the wishes of the host. The strictest dress code is formal attire. At night it means white tie and during the day morning dress.

White Tie

For a white tie event the proper dress is a tailcoat. It is the most formal wear for a man. It is most commonly used in academic or political events, in weddings by the wedding party and in other formal occasions. When a man is wearing tails, a woman should wear a long evening dress. In academic events the dress should also have long sleeves during the day.

Shaketti (morning coat)

A shaketti (morning coat) is long and has tails resembling those of a tailcoat. It is however meant for use during the day. It is often worn in weddings by the groom, groomsmen and best man. The fathers of the bride and groom may also wear a morning coat, if they wish. A waistcoat and cravat or necktie are worn under the jacket, and they can be a variety of colours and textures. The traditional trousers with a black morning coat are grey and striped.

 A woman should wear a festive dress or elegant pantsuit.

Black Tie

Black tie is a form of semi-formal dress worn in events that start after six, such as dinners, galas or other parties. Usually it is a black tuxedo, but can be another colour as well, often white or dark blue. A tuxedo is worn with a white shirt, bowtie and cummerbund or waistcoat.

A woman can choose between a long and short evening dress.

Black Lounge (Stroller/Bonjour)

Black lounge, or the stroller, is also semi-formal dress, but used during the day as opposed to the evening. It resembles morning dress, with the exception of the jacket, which is still longer than a regular suit jacket but has no tails. A necktie can also be worn instead of a cravat. It is used quite rarely today, but can still be seen on grooms. 


If the invitation reads “black tie optional”, a tuxedo can be worn, but also a dark suit will be appropriate. This means a black, dark grey or blue suit. The suit can be a two-piece or a three-piece suit. It is commonly used at dinners and cocktail parties as well as weddings.

The woman can wear for example a short dress and jacket, as well as an evening gown, if the event is more formal. 

Slim-cut suits

Available in dark blue and black.

Suits with a slight shine are available in black and navy blue as well as three different shades of grey.

Classic style

Classic suits also in black and light grey.

Athletic fit

Suits for the athletic body type are also available in black.